3 Reasons Why You Should Have a List of Positive Affirmations

“Refuse to EVER accept negativity in your life! It is a beast that you can never tame. No, instead choose to bombard yourself with positive thoughts… and at that moment you will start to really live life!” (Daniel Wiafe, motivational blogger, speaker & coach)

“Hmmmm…. 3 Reasons Why You Should Have a List of Positive Affirmations? Wow… what a really long title!”, is probably what you are thinking right now. 😉

And it is a long title — but I believe that 100% of us reading this motivational blog post right now… if we don’t already have one… should have had a list of positive affirmations as of yesterday!

So, you may be asking yourself what exactly is a list of positive affirmations… and how does that really help me?

And I’m glad you asked those good questions… because I’m going to give you THREE good reasons why you should have a list of positive affirmations.

1. Affirmations Help to Keep Your Mind Positive

You see, a list of positive affirmations is basically that. A list of positive thoughts that you would like your mind to think on a frequent basis… at multiple times throughout the day.

We know as a fact that the average person… will have a lot of negative junk and negative influence thrown their way during multiple times… throughout the day.

This can come in many forms. It can come from the boss at your job scolding you for no apparent reason. This can come from your spouse nagging you. This can come from hearing the neighbor’s kid bumping loud, profane music from their car.

It can come from losing sleep because your baby is crying all night long (trust me, that’s happened to me PLENTY of times… and is happening to me as I write this post!). This can come from being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on your way to your job…

This can even come from us watching things that are not positive for us — things such as pornography, violent television shows, a major car wreck in the middle of the highway.

Everyday, our mind and our ears are bombarded with so many negative influences… and if we don’t do anything to counteract those forces… we ourselves will become negative.

That is where having a list of positive affirmations comes in. We read it multiple times throughout the day (at least 3 times at minimum)… and it replaces the negative junk that bombards us… with positivity.

2. Affirmations Help You Reach Your Goals

Another fact is that successful people who have reached the pinnacle of success in their life — all have ONE major common theme about them.

They all have goals. In fact, in one study I read awhile back ago that followed a group of 100 Harvard graduates over the span of a few decades after they graduated… they found that only 5 of them had written goals.

What was shocking was that the 5 Harvard grads who had a list of written goals… accomplished much, much more in life than the 95 other grads who did NOT have a list of goals!

Follow a proven path of success my friend! A list of positive affirmations will not ONLY include positive thoughts that will inspire you to do better in life… it will also include your goals, your dreams and your desires.

And by writing your goals down on paper… you are virtually guaranteeing yourself that you will reach your destiny.

3. Affirmations Help You to Live a Better Life

This last nugget of truth may be common sense or knowledge to you… but having a list of positive affirmations helps you to live a better life than you may currently be living right now.

Because when you sit down and really think about it… you will realize that having a bunch of poor and negative thoughts running through your head all day does nothing good for you, does it?

When you are able to have a list of positive affirmations… that you read multiple times throughout the day (at least 3)… you are able to re-energize yourself and literally rejuvenate your mind… so that you feel happy.

When you feel happy… you treat yourself better. When you feel happy… you treat other people in your life better… when you feel happy, you will become a healthier person, because you will not have gnawing anxieties or the stresses of life weigh down upon you.

In tomorrow’s post, which will be entitled How to Make a List of Positive Affirmations… I will show you my own personal list of positive affirmations that I use frequently and on a daily basis… and I will also help you to come up with your own personal list!

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Have a GREAT day, be blessed by the BEST and remember think positively and believe that you can make it… and you will!

-Daniel Wiafe
Your Daily Motivation Coach