“I am living my BEST life ever… because each day that goes by is just a little bit better than the last one. Why is each day better? Because I CHOOSE it to be better!” -Daniel Wiafe

My wife Melinda and I on vacation in San Juan, Puerto Rico - Summer, 2009


I created and launched Daniel Wiafe dot Com in May 2011 to help fuel my personal passion and life purpose of inspiring and motivating people to live life to the fullest and on a more positive note. The two (2) main things that YOU will gain from this site are the following:

  • A personal development website that helps people globally grow & reach their potentials in the areas of health, wealth, relationships, spirituality and life.
  • A daily motivation site that will give you the reader, 15 minutes of high-octane energy and positive motivation EACH morning… so that you can go out there and grab the bull by the horns, and live your BEST life ever!


Since you’re on this page… I am going to assume that you (a) Want to know who I am and what I’m all about… and (b) Want to know the truth, the good, the bad and the ugly. That said, I will give you what you want (while keeping all the boring, dry stuff out!)


A Little Information and a Short Life Story About Li’l Old Me…

I am a man of many hats… and am a serial entrepreneur (I LOVE starting new businesses!), motivational speaker, blogger, minister, podcaster, social media expert, web designer, life coach, internet marketer, proud father and loving husband.

*whew* I was able to get that all out in one breath!

Born in Washington, D.C. in the spring of 1980 to Ghanaian immigrants (that’s in West Africa for those who are geographically challenged)… I have lived in various parts of the United States during my life and lead a pretty normal life growing up in mid-western Omaha, Nebraska.

Fast forward to the new millenium of 2000… I was living life on a virtual high. Like most “typical” college students… I would party, get drunk, get into trouble and do a bunch of other knuckle-headed things which I will not discuss here… 😉

Lesson one I learned in life at the age of 19/20 is that the party doesn’t last long — especially when you are doing STUPID things. While living the “college life”, I had moved out of my father’s place into my own apartment that I shared with roommates… and quickly went into debt. Soon after that, I was forced into bankruptcy. During that whole epic saga, the girl who I was dating on and off again put the final dagger in our relationship and broke up with me. Shortly after that it seemed like all of my closest friends left and abandoned my side for various reasons… and I was left all by myself to the sharks.

To sum it all up… life sucked for me (excuse my language), and I was not able or even capable of seeing the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel at that point and crossroad in my life. If I can be brutally honest with you, my life at that juncture in history could have been a TOP country hit! (and I don’t even care much about country music, no offense to any country fans out there)

I dropped out of college… and with much shame moved back in with my father… and at one point, worked up to 3 menial jobs at once. I was severely depressed at that point… and did not know what life would bring to me with each new day that came beyond the horizon.

Then one evening, as I was working one of my MANY jobs as a pizza delivery driver… I was walking back from my car to the store… a faint glint of glow caught my eye on the pavement. I stooped over to inspect it… and saw that it was a gold coin about the size of a silver dollar. Upon further inspection, I saw it was a religious coin… it had praying hands on one side of it… and on the other side of it quoted the Bible verse, “I can do ALL things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me!” (Philippians 4:13).

This literally reinvigorated me and my life at that point. I had always identified myself as a Christian in the past (even though my actions most of the time spoke otherwise)… but I believe God became real to me at that moment in my life. At that point, things changed for me mentally and spiritually and after that moment, no longer would I just relegate God as some far-off, cosmic entity that I pay homage to every Christmas, Easter and an occasional Sunday here and there… no, at that moment He became a loving Heavenly Father who I realized cared about me and would get me through the hard and rough times I was going through.


The Move that Would Change Who I Was… and Would Help Define Who I Am.

From that point on… through a large series of circumstances and what I believe to be divine behavior… I ended up doing the following in a VERY short amount of time:

  • Meeting the woman of my dreams, who would become my soul-mate, who would become my wife, Melinda 🙂
  • Leaving all that I knew… and moving almost 500 miles away from the town I grew up in… to Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • By the age of 21, I had declared bankruptcy… and by the age of 26, I was making $10,000/month from my Internet businesses. By the age of 27, I reached an all-time monthly high when I earned $80,000 in one month.

All in all, life is good… and God is good, no matter what the circumstances look like. I aim to live my BEST life ever — and I would implore that you join me along in this journey… and live your BEST life ever as well!

Will you join me on this journey? Is so, a good place to start is by checking out my personal development blog… by clicking here.