Believe in Yourself!

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.” (Rev. Norman Vincent Peale)

Good morning or good day everybody… it’s Daniel Wiafe, your personal motivational coach back… with some good, old-fashioned motivation and encouragement for you… to help get you started on the right foot today!

I hope you are having an AWESOME day today. Enjoy the newness of today and keep a burning hope on the inside of you knowing that everything is going to work in your favor… according to the larger master plan that is already in place for your life!

Today, make it a point to believe in yourself! Don’t let past experiences cloud your perception of who you are… and how limitless your abilities are!

You have SO much potential on the inside of you… and the only thing that can stop you… is YOU!

People may slow you down. Circumstances may prevent you from achieving your goals as soon as you would have liked to…

But at the end of the day… only YOU have a great enough power to stop yourself. Don’t sabotage yourself, but believe in yourself and believe in your abilities and believe in the God that you serve.

Because in this life that you live… you better believe that you DESERVE to be happy… you DESERVE to be able to find success… and this can only happen, when you have a belief in yourself that you can do it… and you are confident in your own God-given skills and talents.

Even if no one else believes in you… I believe in you, even though I may not know you personally.

Believe in yourself and there’s no limit on how far you can rise to the top!

Any comments or tips? Please leave them below in the comments area… as I would LOVE to hear from you!

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Have a GREAT day, be blessed by the BEST and remember to do your best in everything that you do in life!

-Daniel Wiafe
Your Daily Motivation Coach

2 Responses to “Believe in Yourself!”

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  1. wina says:

    sir, thank you so much for the motivation but can i ask you a question that sometimes in the small corners of the room and in the presence and midst of silence this question is the hardest for me to answer. I read everything and as a start of my new day i could feel motivated but at the end of that day, nothing happens. i really hate myself, im not really good at logical and math problems and i am with a bunch of High-I.Qed classmates. i always feel small whenever i cant answer a common logical question, and on that kind of situation i really hate myself, almost every day i always feel small:( what shall i do?

    • Daniel Wiafe says:

      Hi Wina,

      You are very welcome! I can understand where you’re coming from… as it is really easy to be motivated by good information & inspiration at the start of the day… and then as your day wears on, you can lose that motivation.

      True motivation comes from within. You must love yourself… and trust me, there are many things about yourself that you can find… that you can love about yourself or that you can be proud of. Just because you may not be good in math like your other classmates doesn’t make you lower than them.

      What are you good at? What are you exceptional at? What do you LOVE doing? Focus on those things Wina. Write down a short list of the things that bring you joy and happiness… and look at that list 3x a day & that will encourage you.

      Whenever you are feeling doubtful or feeling bad about yourself, take out your list and it will encourage you.

      You don’t need to hate yourself or feel small about yourself… because you are in fact, a very special person!