Born to Succeed!

“Men are born to succeed, not fail” –Henry David Thoreau, poet & author

Did you know that you are born to succeed?

You may think that your existence on this earth is by accident… or perhaps by chance… and you may not even know where you are going half of the time in life — but be reassured of this crucial fact right here and right now:


No matter what you have encountered in your life this week or in this past season… you are created by God to succeed in life… and to attain high and lofty goals.

When it comes down to it my friend… they are NEVER any failures in your life. We just have feedback on how to do something better in the future.

So every negative outcome that has happened to you up to this day and point in your life… which you used to count as a failure… you can rest assured was just feedback on how you can get better. You are only a failure when you refuse to learn from a negative event or a teachable moment.

Look for the bright moment and the positive that you can take away from every situation. You are born to succeed.

Today, understand and accept the fact that you were born to succeed… you were born to achieve mighty things in your life… you are a natural born success… and you better never forget that!

Have a great day you winner and walk proudly today, everywhere you go… because you were born to succeed!

Daniel Wiafe
Your Daily Motivation Coach