Real Estate Wholesale Investing for Beginners, Part #1

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” –Lao Tzu

Okay, so I hope that this series of blog posts over the next few months that I am going to do on the subject of Real Estate Wholesale Investing for Beginners are motivational. 🙂

This section of my blog is going to be my online journal which will detail my journey into becoming a successful and wealthy real estate investor.

In the very near future… I will make sure to do more video posts… rather than writing it out!

I will be focusing on the niche that most real estate investing experts out… say is the best niche for beginners such as myself to focus on… which is real estate wholesale investing. Read more »

How to Get Fit in 2 Weeks – Part One

“Your health is one of the GREATEST assets that God blesses you with! So treat your body right… and it will treat you right!” (Daniel Wiafe, motivational blogger, speaker, coach)

Good day everybody — I hope you are having a most excellent day today. This blog was founded back in May 2011 to “Motivate you to live your BEST life… in your health, wealth & relationships!”

I feel pretty guilty, however, because since the start of this blog… I have not really paid as much attention to the “health” portion of this blog… as I know that I should have.

That said… I’m going to change that! this will be a 3-day series entitled “How to Get Fit in 2 Weeks”.

There are 3 main areas that we should seek to conquer… when we aim to get physically fit. Those areas are:

1. Cardiovascular (make your heart/lungs stronger, losing excess fat)
2. Strength Training (make your muscles stronger)
3. Flexibility (make your ligaments limber & healthier)

Today… we will be covering How to Get Fit in 2 Weeks… cardiovascular-wise. We’re going to take a no B.S. approach to teaching you how you can learn the skills of getting fit in 2 weeks… in the fastest and the most efficient way possible!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, a medical expert or a certified personal trainer… so be smart & seek the advice of a professional… before embarking on any of the exercises I list on here.

How to Get Fit with 12-15 Minutes of Cardio – in 2 Weeks

I believe cardio is a love/hate relationship for most people. You either LOVE it… or HATE it! And chances are… when you think of starting a cardio program… you probably think of ONE thing:

Running a loooooong distance. *yawn* Read more »

How to Make a List of Positive Affirmations

“What is the story of your day going to look like? Whether today is bad or good is up to you… as you hold the pen and YOU are the author of what the outcome of your day will be!” (Daniel Wiafe, motivational blogger, speaker & coach)

Welcome back everybody! I hope you are having a prosperous and a blessed day today. Before we get into today’s post on ‘How to Make a List of Positive Affirmations‘… I would like you to do the following:

Very quickly take about TEN seconds right now… and just sit back, relax and shut off any noise that is around you.

In a moment… you will shut your eyes… and put the BIGGEST smile on your face… and then you will begin to thank God for all that He has blessed you with.

I don’t care if it’s a large blessing… or a small blessing… but begin to thank Him for ALL that He has done for you… and begin to feel the warm, loving feelings of Him blessing you and your household.

Forget about any drama or any hurtful experiences that you have gone through this week… this moment that you are spending with your Creator is your moment to connect to your divine inspiration! Read more »

[Daily Encouragement] Start Your Day with God

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” –Jesus, Matthew 6:33

Have you ever noticed that if something bad happens to you first thing in the morning when you wake up… that the rest of your day generally follows suit?

For example, if you start your day out an jump out of bed… and stub your toe… *BAM*, the rest of your day tends to pretty much be shot.

Or perhaps you can remember in the past the times that you got into an argument with your spouse or significant other first thing in the morning… and you can remember how it pretty much ruined your day.

What we do or what happens to us FIRST thing in the morning affects the rest of our day… so common sense would tell us we should aim to start our day off on a positive, friendly or perhaps energetic way… if we want the rest of our day to be good!

By seeking God first in the morning… we are tuning into our Creator and the one who made us, formed us and created us in His image and in His likeness.

And when we tune into Him and seek him in the first part of our day… we are taking hold and claim of the peace, the joy, the energy, the positiveness, and the warmth that only God can provide to us… and this will last us the rest of our day!

For the next 30 days, I challenge you to try seeking God first in the morning. Take at least 5 minutes in the morning and devote it to God… and I bet you that the other 1,435 minutes that are left in your day will be the BEST minutes of your life!

Wake up in the morning… and put your mind on Him and thank Him for all that He has blessed you with (a roof over your head, good health in your body, your family, the fact that you can lay your head down in peace).

After you show Him gratitude for everything… thank God in advance for the GREAT day that you will have.

Have a GREAT and an AWESOME day, and see you tomorrow!