Four of the GREATEST words that you can repeat to yourself over & over again when you feel dejected in life… or when you feel adversities that you can’t shake are these words:


By repeating these words to yourself over and over again throughout your day… you are inspiring yourself… and you are motivating yourself to accomplish GREAT things… no matter what kind of obstacles you may currently face. Read more »

Do Your BEST!

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” (Og Mandino)

“Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.” (The Apostle Paul, Galatians 6:7)

Good morning, good day or good evening to you my friend… where ever in the world you are located at right now! Today is a GREAT day… and understand that right now — you live at one of the GREATEST times in the history of this world.

You are here on purpose… and you have more potential in you RIGHT now than you think… so live life like the great human being that you are!

Today… make it a point that at whatever tasks or projects you are working on… that you do your best!

It’s simple enough for us to do our best in the things that we like to do… or perhaps do our best in the things that are easy or that we are passionate about… but can we suck it up, bite the bullet… and get out there and do the hard things with all that we have?

Whether we like it or not… there’s ALWAYS going to be tasks that we MUST do… that either way you put it, simply suck or are dreary or boring to do. Read more »

5 Ways to Motivate Yourself!

“Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.” (Wayne Dyer)

One of the things that I believe that most of the readers of this blog appreciate about me… is the fact that I can be brutally honest and transparent about myself in my writings.

So here goes a “brutally” honest fact about myself. Are you ready to hear this?

Make sure you cover the kid’s ears… because this one’s gonna be a shocker!

Earlier this week… I Daniel Wiafe, the self-proclaimed motivation coach… was SUPER unmotivated.

In fact, the “unmotivation” was so bad… that I didn’t even write a daily post yesterday… but I hope you’ll be proud of the fact that I forced myself up out of bed at half an hour past midnight… to write this post. 🙂

Truth be told my friend… being unmotivated is a natural part of living life. We all have our ups and downs… and we all have our valleys and peaks of life.

And while it is AWESOME to have others motivate us… sometimes we have to purposely and intentionally go out there… and FIND ways to motivate ourselves… when we are feeling down and out and depressed.

Because the truth of the matter is that we won’t always have someone there to motivate us… in the time of our need and depression… and the fact of the matter is that if no one is around to motivate you… as Wayne Dyer quoted… you have two choices: Read more »

If You Think You Can, You Probably Will!

“They can because they think they can.” –Virgil

In simple words… this explains the mindset of the successful person. A person who believes they can accomplish GREAT things in life will do so!

But the person who doesn’t believe in themselves… and the person who thinks of themselves as a failure will become those thoughts that they think of themselves.

Which person will you be my friend?

There may be struggles along the way… and success will not happen overnight… but the man or woman of success keeps persevering until they reach the finish line!

Today, keep your goal in focus… and set your eyes on the finish line. Trouble may come at you… and life circumstances may try it’s best to knock you off your pathway of success… but keep running the race that you’re in… and don’t stop until you reach the finish line!

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Have a GREAT day and be blessed by the best!

-Daniel Wiafe
Your Daily Motivation Coach

5 Steps on How to Improve Self-Control

““Ultimately, the only power to which man should aspire is that which he exercises over himself.”” –Elie Wiesel

There is ONE fact that I know about virtually every person on this planet.

It doesn’t matter where they come from… or their background… or what country they live in.

It doesn’t matter how much money they make… or what race they are… or what their gender is.

The fact is this: In some shape or form, most people would like to feel like they are important in life.

There is nothing wrong with this… in fact, I personally think that this is a good trait to have. And for different people… importance will mean different things.

Some get their feelings of importance from their jobs, their careers, how many people they manage or businesses they run.

Others get it from serving others, or raising the best children or by how athletically gifted they are.

But when it comes down to it — we can’t ever reach and grasp that level of importance in our lives… unless we have improve our self-control.

Self Control is defined as, “…the ability to control one’s emotions, behavior and desires in order to obtain some reward later”

Everybody wants to be rich… but does everybody save, budget their money, invest or create businesses that create quality products and/or services… that people will happily pay them money for? Read more »

5 Tips on How You Can Let Go and Start Living Life

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be” –Lao Tzu

In order for you to live life fully and abundantly as your divine Creator would have you to live… you must first make the hard decision to let go of any weights, hindrances or burdens you may currently have attached to you.

For instance — many years back, I personally went through a bankruptcy due to my poor financial lifestyle while I was in college.

Shortly afterward… due to my absolutely horrible financial situation and status… due to many of my close, personal friends leaving my side… and due to me not being able to continue on with my college education… I felt absolutely miserable!

I soon bounced back after a couple years… but during that time, I allowed a temporary situation dictate to me who I was.

I was in GREAT error… because a temporary negative situation is just that: A temporary situation.

…and like leaves on the ground on an autumn day, when the wind picks up… temporary situations will ALWAYS blow away and out of your life. Read more »

Focus on the Positive!

“Count your SMILES instead of your TEARS, count your COURAGE instead of your FEARS!” –Unknown author

In life, we are always going to have our up days… and then there will be days where we feel down. That’s okay… learn to accept those down and bad days for what they are.

Don’t allow the bad days or the bad people that may cross paths with you… allow you to get off your track of positivity and friendliness.

Choose to win today, by focusing on the positive!

Focus on the good that comes out of EVERY situation. Focus on the good qualities of a person (rather than the bad). Focus on what can be learned out of a situation (rather than focusing on the bad outcome).

Be that person who is living their BEST life, every single day! You are the master of your thoughts and your emotions.

And remember that in life, for every ONE tear you cry… you will have the opportunity to smile at least TEN times.

For every ONE fearful situation or person you come across… you will have at least TEN times to show the courageous person that lives inside of you.

Become that better person today, friend! Show courage in every situation, you can do it and I believe in you! Smile in the midst of the storm and adversity, because you’re going to make it!

Focus on the positive today and go soar to heights that you never thought yourself capable of. 🙂