What is the Difference Between Wealth & Being Rich?

“Pity the man who inherits a million and isn’t a millionaire. Here’s what would be pitiful,if your income grew and you didn’t.” –Jim Rohn, entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker

Hey everybody — it’s Daniel Wiafe, your motivational coach back with some words of inspiration to help you become abundant in your life, wealth, health & relationships.

Today, we will be looking at what the difference is between wealth and being rich.

Just because a person is rich or has more money in their little finger than Scrooge McDuck… doesn’t mean that that person is wealthy.

Wealth defined is, “an abundance or profusion of anything; plentiful amount”

This means that for a person to be wealthy — they need to be an abundant person. Abundance includes money, obviously… but it includes so much more than just money or physical riches. Read more »

Do You Guard Your Heart?

My wife Melinda and I on vacation.

“God gave us two ears to hear, two eyes to see and two hands to hold. But why did God give us only one heart? Because he wants us to find the other one. HAVE YOU FOUND YOURS?” –Unknown

Good morning everybody… it’s Daniel Wiafe back again, motivating you to live your BEST life ever… in your health, wealth and relationships!

If you think about it… some of the most important things in life that God has blessed us with comes in pairs.

Our hands, our eyes, our feet, our lungs, our arms… and EVEN our hearts. Our heart is a representation of the love, affection and partnership that we need in life. Read more »