5 Tips on How to Stop Procrastination in Life

“You may delay, but time will not.” –Benjamin Franklin, American inventor & genius

Okay… so we’ve all had this experience before. You’re in school and you’re about to take an exam in the next 5 minutes that’s worth like half of your grade.

This would be fine if you had been a good little boy or girl and studied in advance for the darn thing (like you should have)… but no, you decided to watch your favorite movie the night before… and procrastinate this important occasion in your life.

Your palms are sweaty…

Your heart is racing…

Your mouth is dry…

You are so nervous that you are about to release your bodily functions… (okay, so that’s never happened to me before)

We ALL know that procrastination is not a good habit to have… but the problem is that in one form or another, we all do it! Read more »

[Daily Encouragement] What We Think About, We Bring About!

Did you know that the thoughts that you think about on a daily basis… have a STRONG impact and correlation on what kind of life you will live?

People who tend to think negative, doubting and low thoughts about themselves… typically live miserable and depressed lives.

On the flip side of the coin… the people who tend to think more positively, encouraging and abundant thoughts about themselves and life in general… tend to live the BEST lives and they achieve more out of life that the average person.

QUESTION: Out of these two groups of people that I just described… which one of these groups do you want to be a part of? Read more »