If You Want Something in Life, Go and Get It!

The Pursuit of Happiness was one of my favorite movies. It really inspired me at a down point in my life when I first watched it a couple years ago. If you haven’t watched that movie… you’re missing a GREAT show! 😉

In the movie… we are told the story of how a single, young father (played by Will Smith), triumphed over adversity and poverty… and became a man of great wealthy and success… by being persistent.

I believe that Persistence is one of the key ingredients to SUCCESS… because success doesn’t come overnight (in most cases!)… and the common key to most of the people who we would view as ‘successful’, is the fact that they persisted against all odds, against all haters and against all negativity.

Anyways, watch this QUICK video clip below… and let me know what you think of it in the comments area. Enjoy!!