[Daily Encouragement] Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

“…in every life we have some trouble, when you worry you make it double. Don’t worry, be happy!” –Bob Marley

Let today be one of the BEST days of your life! How? By choosing to feel thoughts of happiness, excitement and hope… rather than feeling sad, dread or being overladen with feelings of worry.

Worry is a NASTY house guest to have in your heart. Worry will eat you up on the inside. Worry will cause you to get sick. Worry will just plain cause your life to be miserable, and that’s a fact Jack!

Who has time for that? Why feel bad, when you can feel good? Why worry, when you can be happy?

We worry about the things of life, because we feel like we have no control over the things, circumstances or people. In some cases this is true… but in other cases this is wrong.

If you are truly that worried about something today… take out a piece of paper, and write out at least ten (10) solutions to the problem that has got you worried. After all, if you solve the problem — then you won’t have the worry anymore! 😉

Write out as many solutions as you can, no matter how crazy they may sound… and pick the best one(s) to your problem and implement them immediately.

And if a problem is truly out of your control… give it over to God. Because like Bob Marley said, “…when you worry you make it DOUBLE. So don’t worry, be happy!”

P.S. – I encourage you to read the lyrics to Bob Marley’s, “Don’t Worry Be Happy”. It will inspire you!