[Daily Encouragement] How Do I Forgive People?

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” –Lewis B. Smedes (christian author & theologian)

Guess what? I have a secret. Do you want to know what it is?

People will do you wrong and dirty at various points in your life. Get over it. Don’t be mad. And certainly don’t sweat the small stuff.

But just because you may NOT have deserved the ill treatment you suffered at the hands of someone else… doesn’t mean that you should carry anger and bitterness towards that person.

Why shouldn’t I be mad and bitter at people?

Because at the end of the day that OTHER person doesn’t have to deal with the heavy weight and the overload of burden… but you do!

…and bitterness is a VERY, VERY, VERY hard pill to swallow. It causes stress, anxiety, worry and can even lead to physical illness such as ulcers and heart problems for you.

Do yourself a favor today, right this very minute and set yourself FREE, by forgiving that person or people who have done you wrong.

Forgive the people who may have made fun of you in school and tormented you. Forgive that man or that woman who may have broken your heart… and caused you to FEEL like you could never love or trust another person in your life.

Forgiving a person starts by you making a statement: “I forgive ______ right this very second for what they have done to me, and I will NEVER allow those feelings of bitterness in again. I am joyful and happy right now… and I AM FREE!”


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  1. Mary-ann says:

    thankyou very much ,i’m forgive all those who have wronged me and hurt me in jesus name

  2. Bright Michaels says:

    To forgive and forget doesn’t mean dat u will forget totally from your memory what was done to you after you have forgiven,it is simply you not using what was done to you against your offender or you not holding any grudges against your offender.Know that anything done to you will ever remain in your memory,but u not using it against your offender that is what it means to FORGIVE AND FORGET……

    • Daniel Wiafe says:

      Very good summary Bright. It is IMPOSSIBLE to forget what has happened in the past… but we have got to get over it, the bad part of past events have ALREADY happened & there’s no erasing it… so next, we have to decide, “What is the GOOD that can come out of a situation?”