[Daily Encouragement] Moving Forward with Life

“You can’t freely move forward in life… until you make the decision to leave dead weight behind” –Daniel Wiafe

Anchors are used on boats to keep them stationary in the water… and to prevent them from moving with the currents on a lake, river or ocean.

When you compare the size of an anchor to the boat… you will see that a boat can be hundreds of times bigger than the anchor… yet the anchor still has the POWER to prevent the boat from moving forward.

In fact, you can turn on the engine to that boat… and hit the throttle and gun it… but unless you pull up the anchor or cut it loose, you will get the anchor tangled up and stuck on rocks… or worse, destroy your boat.

We as people have “anchors” in our lives that prevent us from moving forward in life and keep us in a stalled position… when we should be progressing with our lives.

These anchors are dead-weight… and typically come from our past. They include old-friends & acquaintances, they include people we are currently in unhealthy relationships with, they include businesses that we still operate that lose more money than they make.

The key ingredient in all this, is that these past people, routines, businesses, whatever it may be that are now dead to us and are now a burden to us… were once healthy for us. At one point in time they were fruitful for us.

But just like fruit hanging on a tree can taste sweet and ripe one day… and a week later can be spoiled and rotten to the taste… so are many of the things and people in our lives.

If there are certain people or things in your life right now that are sucking you dry, making you feel unhappy, keeping you in a state of misery and are preventing you from moving forward in life… you must think long and hard, “Does this person or does thing really need to remain in my life anymore?”

And if that answer is “No”… then as an abundant person… you MUST make the HARD decision to cut that anchor loose and out of your life.

Because until we can get rid of the dead weight in our lives… we simply cannot move forward in life.