[Daily Encouragement] Taking Calculated Risks in Life

“NEVER be afraid to take calculated risks in life! You can NEVER achieve greatness or huge successes in life without taking a step of faith.” –Daniel Wiafe

In life, we all have choices we have to make. Even the decision that we make to NOT make a decision, is a decision itself.

So why not choose to make the choice to be a winner, to become an overcomer and to walk into your greatness… by taking calculated risks when opportunity presents itself.

No one, and I repeat… NO ONE, who has ever accomplished anything great in his or her life… was exempt from putting it all out there on the line… in order to grab the success that presented itself to them.

As long as you weigh out all of the pro’s and con’s of the MAJOR decisions that come by your way… you should never be afraid to take a calculated risk!

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