Do I Deserve to be Happy?

“You deserve to be happy and NEVER let any person, circumstance or fear prevent you from being happy!” –Daniel Wiafe, motivational speaker & blogger

Whether we ever ask this question out loud… or if we just think it in our heads… I believe that if you’re like me, then you have struggled with the following questions at different points in your life:

“Do I deserve to be happy?”

“Do I really deserve happiness?”

“Is happiness really for me… or is it selfish for me to even pursue happiness?”

…and my answer to you who are reading this post is ALWAYS going to be a resounding, “YES, you deserve to feel happy in life!”

I don’t mean to make anyone sound stupid or foolish… but sometimes we need to see and understand what the definition of a word is… so that we can get the FULL impact and meaning of it.

So let’s get at it and look up the definition of this word, “HAPPY”.

Happy (defined):
1. Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.
2. Having a sense of confidence in or satisfaction with (a person, arrangement, or situation)

So in a nutshell, when one is happy in life… they have a pleasure of living life. They are able to bounce out of bed in the morning with a smile on their face… because they know that the day ahead of them will be a GREAT one.

A happy person is one who is content with the physical possessions that they have in life. I’m not saying you should be poor… or be a hermit… or go sell all of your earthly possessions and go live in a cave…

But I am saying that we should feel happy & content as long as God has blessed us with a roof over our head, clothes on our back, food in our belly, people who love us and care for us and a healthy body.

A happy person doesn’t believe that they should sacrifice to the detriment of their happiness. While it is true… that sometimes in order to go further in life, you do need to make a sacrifice (ex. giving up current earning potential so you can go to school, putting aside your needs temporarily so you can help a family member)… a happy person doesn’t allow the feelings of pain which can come with a sacrifice… to outweigh the feelings of happiness.

A happy person by the defintion we just read is a confident person. Not cocky or arrogant… but they are confident that they can accomplish great and marvelous things… and they go into life grabbing the bull by the horns… and make things happen!

A happy person can smile in the midst of adversity. A happy person can be settled at times when there is confusion everywhere.

A happy person is typically loved by most everybody around them… because that person exhudes a warm, friendly energy out to others.

I personally believe that happiness comes from 2 main things. ONE, having a relationship with God… and TWO, having a positive mindset.

If you can accomplish this… there is no reason why you do not deserve to be happy! 🙂