Don’t Try to Please Everybody

“The man who trims himself to suit everybody will soon whittle himself away.” (Charles M. Schwab, multi-millionaire steel tycoon)

Good morning or day to you wherever in the world you are located at… it’s Daniel Wiafe, your daily motivational coach — back with some inspiring words to help give you a nice, little charge… so that you can live this day to fullest… and so that you can come one step closer to living your best life ever!

If you’re like me… then you are probably one of those types of people who in their pursuit of being positive and trying to be nice to folks… fall in that category of trying to please everyone that you run into (well, at least the important people, LOL)

And while there’s nothing wrong with trying to make a good impression on others… and there’s nothing wrong with a person seeking to do good or meet the needs of others… when we make it our #1 priority to try to please everybody… we begin to “take away” from the person of who we are.

Because the fact is this: People all have different expectations of you. Isn’t that true, if you take a moment to think about that?

  • Some people in your life will want you to be there for their every beckon call.
  • Some will want you to hang with them on a daily basis… even though you are highly busy with work or school.
  • Some will want you to partner with them in a project or business you may not feel comfortable in.
  • A parent may want you to spend more time with them, even though you are married and have four kids…

With so many important people in your life… who all hold different expectations of you… it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to please everybody. In fact, in can be down-right maddening and crazy for you to even attempt to try to please everybody.

Refuse to Be a People Pleaser!

Trying to be a people pleaser and putting yourself in the mindset that you have to please people will only lead to you being stressed my friend. As the late Charles M. Schwab once stated, “The man who trims himself to suit everybody will soon whittle himself away.”

This means that if you continually try to suit everybody… or please everybody you come into contact with… you will slowly, but surely begin to whittle yourself down… kind of like the same way a new pencil is whittled down, when it needs to be sharpened.

A pencil starts out brand-new and FRESH… but after several uses, it needs to be sharpened. Soon, that pencil, which was once brand-new… begins to get dull and smudged and it begins to get shorter and shorter… until one day… there is NOTHING left.

Don’t let that happen to you. You are better than that my friend! Don’t allow your freshness and your newness to get whittled down until nothing is left of you!

So what’s my answer for you… if you find yourself in the unhealthy position of always trying to please others?

My answer is this: Just stop and don’t try to please everybody!!!

Don’t try to please everybody — that should be the mantra that you live by… especially if you are currently feeling like you are being pulled in multiple directions by multiple people in your life.

I know it sounds like a simple solution, but sometimes the best solutions are the ones that are sitting right underneath our noses.

Realize that in spite of your skills, talents or love for others… you will never be able to please everybody… so why should you even start?

1. Focus on the people who are in your immediate family… and those should be the first people that you aim to please. Everybody else, well, they can wait. 🙂

So people such as your spouse, your children AND yes, yourself are the people you should focus on FIRST. If you can’t please anyone else… but these people I just mentioned, that’s okay.. you have done well.

2. If you have any energy left, and can please others… without causing any pain to yourself, your spouse or your children… and it brings you joy in doing so, then you may start assisting others who are in your extended circle… such as siblings, best friends, other family members, co-workers, managers.

All in all, the actions that you take in life to please others… should not lead you to feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

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Have a GREAT day, be blessed by the BEST and remember that you don’t need to try please eveybody who is in your life!

-Daniel Wiafe
Your Daily Motivation Coach