Focus on the Positive!

“Count your SMILES instead of your TEARS, count your COURAGE instead of your FEARS!” –Unknown author

In life, we are always going to have our up days… and then there will be days where we feel down. That’s okay… learn to accept those down and bad days for what they are.

Don’t allow the bad days or the bad people that may cross paths with you… allow you to get off your track of positivity and friendliness.

Choose to win today, by focusing on the positive!

Focus on the good that comes out of EVERY situation. Focus on the good qualities of a person (rather than the bad). Focus on what can be learned out of a situation (rather than focusing on the bad outcome).

Be that person who is living their BEST life, every single day! You are the master of your thoughts and your emotions.

And remember that in life, for every ONE tear you cry… you will have the opportunity to smile at least TEN times.

For every ONE fearful situation or person you come across… you will have at least TEN times to show the courageous person that lives inside of you.

Become that better person today, friend! Show courage in every situation, you can do it and I believe in you! Smile in the midst of the storm and adversity, because you’re going to make it!

Focus on the positive today and go soar to heights that you never thought yourself capable of. 🙂


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  1. B. Payne says:

    I love this. I always try to see a silver lining in every cloud. Great post.