How Can I Get True Value in Life?

“Treasure the love you receive above all. It will survive long after your gold and good health have vanished.” – Og Mandino

Good morning everybody… I hope you are having a wonderful and a warm day today… and living life to it’s FULLEST!

Our lives for the most part revolve around three (3) major things that we try to balance:

Health, Wealth & Relationships.

Your health involves you having a peace of mind, good physical health in your body, your nutrition, exercise regimen and a stress-free life.

Your wealth involves your career, business, education that leads you to making more money, investments, the assets & property you own.

If you read yesterday’s post on “God will never leave you or forsake you?“… then you know that although money is important in all of our lives… it should NEVER be the sole thing that we strive for in life, because although we can buy things with money that will bring us temporary fulfillment… lasting joy cannot come from money.

In fact, it can be a chore at times to manage the money, the income and the expenses that arise from having a high cash flow coming in.

At one point in my life… my Internet business would typically bring in approximately $60 to $80,000 in sales online EACH month… with about $30-$50,000 of it going out to expenses and taxes.

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you having a lot of money coming in didn’t feel good… because it did, and it does make you feel comfortable! 😉  – But I will tell you that it does not bring you a lasting joy and happiness… and there was added stress on my part to maintain that level of income and manage that high budget.

No my friend… lasting joy that must come from another route that is available to all of us…

Your relationships are where you will typically get the most value from in life.

Relationships include your spouse, the person you may be dating, your children, your close personal friends, family members who love you and support you, co-workers, business partners, church family.

As people… we all need each other to survive and to thrive. Without each other — life is futile.

Make it a point in your life, no matter how busy or hectic it is… to make room for the loved ones in your life. You will always have time to make money… but your loved ones need your time right now.

Have a great week ahead of you friend… and remember to sign up for my personal newsletter on the top-left side of this site. 🙂

Daniel Wiafe
Your Motivation Coach