How One Man Bounced Back from the Brink of Death

Motivation comes in all levels… and today I would like to share the story of 27-year-old, Jason Chedid of Sydney, Australia. He left this comment on my daily motivational Facebook page a couple weeks ago.

His testimony is on how he bounced back from the brink of death after a terrible beating he endured… and how he believes it is one of many proofs we can use to strenghten our faith that there is a God up there!

SO without further ado… read Jason’s story below:

Daniel, here’s something I’d like to share with you, my testimonial.

To ALL you non-believers of Christ (OR God, to say the least), if you want your accounts of “proof”, then here is your proof:

To the comments regarding the existance/proof of God as such, there are so many things that only science & medicine can & will defy, the others are within the hands of something we cannot comprehend nor explain


# 1 – Almost 9 years ago now (dated Sept. 22, 2002) I was involved in an horrific beating, of which I was left for dead, on arrival paramedics announced me “dead”, of which I was taken to hoispital & underwent analysis of which doctors & brain neurosurgeons alike concluded (& I quote): –
“Mr & Mrs. Chedid, from what we seen it doesn’t get much worse than this, IF by some slim miracle your son is going to live, he’s going to be a vegatable, there’s nothing more we can do”, AS WELL AS “if he doesn’t start breathing with 24-48 hours, we’re going to have to talk to you & your husband about turning the life support off”….SO in conclusion, the aftermath result was what outside of what science & medicine could defy, AND well 9 yrs later, here I am now!

# 2 – in a song by rapper Tupac Shakur, & I quote “I got shot 5 times but I’m still breathing, living proof there’s a God if you need a reason

The above two incidents just being 2 OF MANY accounts of proof…

FURTHERMORE, hypothetically speaking, lets just say this “explosion” (‘big bang’ bull) was & is the very creation of our existence, how on earth does one conclude that very thing was & is responsible for all things & organisms living, (irresepective of ALL our evidence @ hand, <- which by the way is according to our knowledge of what we know & understand as being the right thing).

I mean, how is it an explosion knew OR for that matter knows to:

1) Create a perfect balance, (ex. trees for birds to inhibit, those very trees to consume carbon dioxide that our vehicles omit)
2) Water that both holds and contains the essence of life.
3) Create animals that are prey to predator (e.g. zebra to a lion)
… and so on & so forth

So what is your story?

What events have you been through that have changed your life? I would love to hear your story… because I believe that one man or woman’s story that they think and view as “insignificant”… has the potential to changed thousands… or possibly millions of lives.

If you would like to submit your motivational story or testimonial for consideration to be published on this blog… please click here to share.

Have a GREAT day everybody and be blessed by the best!

Daniel Wiafe
Your Daily Motivation Coach

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