How to Deal with Rejection, Part 1

“A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success.” –Bo Bennett, businessman & philanthropist

Good morning everybody… it’s Daniel Wiafe, your personal motivational coach… back with some positive words of inspiration and personal development tips… that will help you to live your BEST life ever!

Today… we will be talking about how we can successfully learn how to deal with the feelings of rejection. This will be Part 1 of a 3 part series which will give you the tools on dealing with rejection… and overcoming rejection.

As a human being… we will ALL face rejection at one point or another. Some of us deal with rejection more than others… but just as sure as you breathe… you can count on facing rejection of some sort from friends, family, those you work with, classmates… and even total strangers will sometimes reject you and diss you.

…and depending on what area of life we are rejected by people… and dependent on who those people are and how close they are to us… sometimes the rejection that we are served from that person… can really and truly hurt us and do us great damage to our psyche!

So what do you do when people reject you? Do you beat yourself up?

Do you go lie in a far-off corner… curl into a ball… and complain or give up or cry?

No — the BEST way for you and I to deal with rejection is to accept it embrace it… and learn from it.

We have to learn how to deal with rejection… in order to become a better person!

Now personally… I could think of a dozen BETTER things to embrace than rejection… but when we learn to embrace rejection (and any other thing that we are fearful of)… then we lessen the pain that it can bring us.


Here are my FIRST 3 tips on how you can effectively deal with rejection:

1. Look at Rejection as a Learning Tool.
My old motto is, “What does not kill me only makes me stronger”. Now… I don’t personally know what you will face in life… but I feel that I can confidently speak to you… and tell you that there is NO rejection out there that is strong enough to kill you! 😉

When you are rejected — learn from that experience. What can you do better next time you are faced with that situation? How can you manage your emotions better next time… so that you aren’t as hurt by rejection.


2. Rejection Allows You to Grow as a Person.
If you think about it — if we as people never experienced pain in life… we would never grow as people. If we never grew in life… how can we become successful or happy or content with life?

So one way of looking at the painful feelings of rejection in life… is to look at it as a growing opportunity.

If you didn’t grow — your life would probably be dreadfully BOOOOOORING… a real snooze if I may say so!

When people criticize you… put you down… or reject you… it allows you to look internally within yourself… and possibly identify some key areas within you that you may want to change for the better.


3. Rejection Can Help You Dodge a “Bad Relationship Bullet”
Okay… I’m married now and have been for the past 7 years… but one thing I will say about myself is I was NEVER a lady’s man in life!

While I was a big flirt and not afraid to talk to girls back when I was younger in my teens and early twenties… I was SO scared to actually approach the ones I had connected with… to seal the deal (ask them on a date, get a phone number).

In fact, LOL… usually it would be the girl who had to ask me out! (don’t laugh at me) 🙂

The reason why I was so scared back then was because I would think these awful feelings! What if she rejects me? What if she laughs at me? What if I get straight up embarrassed by her?

Who wants to go through the pain of getting rejected by the opposite sex? Nobody!

But when I look at it now… I believe that God allows certain things to happen for a reason. If that handsome man or that pretty lady you desire does in fact reject you… you can actually look at it as “you just dodged a relationship bullet”.

Because what if this rejection was just God stepping in… and allowing that person to reject you… because at the end of the day… that relationship would have been bad for you and not have worked out.

What if you had gotten into a relationship with that person… and you missed out on your true soul-mate… because you were in a relationship with the “wrong person”?

Make sure you tune in tomorrow for Part 2 of How to Deal with Rejection!

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Have a great and an awesome day today my friend… and be blessed by the BEST!

-Daniel Wiafe
Your Daily Motivation Coach

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  1. Shawn Hanes says:

    How do u know ur in the right relationship? Why, does it feel like ur with someone, or talk to someone, and u get the feeling that is right-just to be rejected.. To me thats not fare