How to Deal with Rejection, Part 2

“Don’t let anyone, or any rejection, keep you from what you want.” –Ashley Tisdale, actress & singer

Good morning everybody… it’s Daniel Wiafe, your personal motivational coach… back with some positive words of inspiration and personal development tips… that will help you to live your BEST life ever!

Today will be looking at Part 2 of a 3 part series which will give you the tools on dealing with rejection… and overcoming rejection.

If you missed yesterday’s post on How to Deal with Rejection… then make sure you read it first… click here now.


When it comes down to it my friend… EVERYBODY in life will get rejected at many points in their life… so it really makes sense for us to learn how to effectively deal with rejection… which can come in all shapes and forms.


Here are my SECOND set of 3 tips on how you can effectively deal with rejection:

4. Be Confident in Who You Are
People that get severely affected by rejection… are typically people who have lower self-esteem and lower levels of confidence about who they are as a person. When a person has a higher level of confidence about themselves… rejection won’t affect them as badly.

So tip #4 is to build up your confidence in who you are as a person… as a friend… as a child of God… and as a human being. Engage in activities that you are good at and that you love to do. Declare positive affirmations everyday to build yourself up.


5. Try and Try Again
Let’s say you are in sales… and keep getting rejected by your potential buyers over and over again. Or perhaps you are taking a test or exam at school and you keep failing it over and over again.

Never give up! Just realize that you are one step closer to reaching your goal. Focus on the positive feelings of accomplishment and joy that you will feel when you finish that task.


6. Don’t Take Rejection Personally
When rejection happens to you… don’t take it personal. Don’t think that you are less of a person… or that people don’t like you. Just shake it off.

In fact, you can literally just shake your shoulders around… as a physical sign that you are “shaking off the haters… and shaking off the drama”… to allow yourself to laugh at the rejection… and realize that you have the power to shake off rejection… and not let it affect you!

Make sure you tune in tomorrow for Part 3 of How to Deal with Rejection!

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-Daniel Wiafe
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