How to Find the POSITIVE in People

“Be determined to find the positive and good in every person, circumstance, and event and you will become the master of your life!” –Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

Good morning everybody… I hope you are feeling great and energized for another day that God has blessed you with!

In life… there are typically going to be three (3) types of people or strangers you will run into.

The first group, are those people who you naturally click with. I mean, you meet these type of folks… you strike up a conversation with them… and you like them so much that you practically want to invite them home that day to eat dinner with your family!

You click with these people because they either have the same characteristics or mannerisms that you have (people will always be drawn to other people who are just like them)… or they’re just naturally nice, friendly, entertaining & positive people.

HINT: You want to be like the group above! ^

The second group of people… are the type of people who when you meet them… you feel like running the opposite direction after 10 seconds of talking with them. These are the type of people that when you get into a conversation with them… you may feel yourself slowly being lulled into a coma… or perhaps even gouging out your own eyes! *ouch!*

This is because they are either boring, mean-hearted, hateful, may be negative, talk at 90 mph and never let you get a word in, they may be the total opposite of you (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). You get my point. 🙂

The third group of people are kind of a mixture of groups 1 and 2. You neither love them nor hate them. They’re just there. We won’t spend any time talking about this group.

So how do you handle the second group (I like to all them the Negative Nancy’s)? After all, there will be times in life that you have to work or associate with a negative person… or be around a family member who is just plain mean to the core.

Simple… you look for the good in everybody… and focus in on that GOOD characteristic.

Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY… has at least one good characteristic that you can find in them… if you look for it.

And the good thing is if you find that good characteristic… you will be able to have a better working relationship with that person.

This doesn’t just work with people… it also works with negative & hurtful circumstances and events that may happen to you during your life.

Instead of whining, complaining and crying for your lack of misfortune… focus on any positive that you may be able to find in it!

EXAMPLE – So you lost your job? Yes, that may suck… but the positive behind it is that you hated that job anyway, because of all the stress it put on you. The positive behind it is now you have a reason to start that business you’ve always been dreaming about.

You get my point?

So anyways… have an AWESOME and a powerful day today… and remember to always look for the positive in every person & in every situation!