How to Focus Your Mind on One Thing, Part 2

“Don’t allow others to dictate what they feel is important to you. Focus on what is worthwhile in life to YOU.” (Daniel Wiafe)

Hello, it’s Daniel Wiafe, your daily motivational coach back with some positive words of inspiration and motivation for you!

Today, we will finish the How to Focus Your Mind on One Thing series. If you missed part one, please click here to read it.

In life there are so many different things that we can focus on… and attempt to do… or even try to master.

If you’re like me — you probably have tons of different interests, likes and passions that you would love to focus your mind on. But the unfortunate truth of the matter is this:

We simply can’t go after everything we desire… at least not all at once.

Typically, the more difficult or challenging a thing is… the harder it will be for us to master it… unless we are devoting a huge bulk of our time, efforts and focus solely on that one thing.

And the truth of the matter is that a person can go crazy chasing after multiple different things! Trust me, it’s happened to MANY times in life before… and it’s not fun. 🙂

In PART ONE of “How to Focus Your Mind on One Thing“… we discussed that it is important for us to just focus on one thing at a time… and then once we master it… move on to the next thing.

I personally feel that this is the very BEST for a person to attain their goals in life quickly… and without losing their sanity!

Another thing I would like to add is this:

Don’t allow other people who are currently in your life dictate to you what your focus in life should be.

What I mean by this is that right now — there are probably many different people who are close to you… who have very good intentions for you… but they try to inspire you to focus your mind on things you don’t care about… and they try to convince you to pursue things which are of absolutely NO interest to you!

Thanks but no thanks — is what you should tell them! (of course say this in a gracious manner)

Life is too short my friend — to live it for other people.

We are all people who have different interests and passions. What may make me happy in life… may be totally different from what makes you happy. Therefore it would be impossible for me to tell you what would make you happy — unless I really, really knew you on a personal basis.

And even then — all I could do is make suggestions on what could possibly bring you joy and fulfillment in life.

So remember friend — life is too short for you to live it for others. Don’t allow others to tell you what your passions should be — or what you should be putting your focus on.

Live your BEST life ever and never have any regrets for it!

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Have a GREAT day, live an AWESOME life and be blessed by the BEST!

Daniel Wiafe
Your Daily Motivation Coach

2 Responses to “How to Focus Your Mind on One Thing, Part 2”

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  1. ikeolisa victor says:

    good write up, i agree wit u, but sometimes i loose focus. Am 22yrs old working with my o’level in a good organiztion in my country, but my dream is 2 enter my country military, i started a part time school proggrame, still pursing my dream, i wrote a military exam. Which i pass, we went 4 interview, of which in my country before u get that kind of thing u need people that own the society we call them ‘godfather’, which i don’t have hoping that my prayers and dream will take me there, during the interview we were having exam in skul which i couldn’t participate in. After the whole thing my name did not make de list and i perform poorly in school, still holding on my plan is 2 buy de form wen is out, but don’t know wether 2 continue wit school, which i see as waste of money if my dream comes through. Pls wath do u suggest dat i do?

    • Daniel Wiafe says:

      Hi Ikeolisa,

      Thank you very much…

      Don’t look at what happened on your military exam as a failure… but look at it as a stepping stone that will allow you to step up to the next level of your success.

      As a military leader — you may lose some battles… but your main objective is to win the war at all costs.

      If you truly, truly want this for yourself (and only you can determine that)… then keep pursuing your dreams and don’t give up.

      But, if this is something which you have lost passion about — my advice to you would be to move on.

      Blessings to you,