How to Get Fit in 2 Weeks – Part One

“Your health is one of the GREATEST assets that God blesses you with! So treat your body right… and it will treat you right!” (Daniel Wiafe, motivational blogger, speaker, coach)

Good day everybody — I hope you are having a most excellent day today. This blog was founded back in May 2011 to “Motivate you to live your BEST life… in your health, wealth & relationships!”

I feel pretty guilty, however, because since the start of this blog… I have not really paid as much attention to the “health” portion of this blog… as I know that I should have.

That said… I’m going to change that! this will be a 3-day series entitled “How to Get Fit in 2 Weeks”.

There are 3 main areas that we should seek to conquer… when we aim to get physically fit. Those areas are:

1. Cardiovascular (make your heart/lungs stronger, losing excess fat)
2. Strength Training (make your muscles stronger)
3. Flexibility (make your ligaments limber & healthier)

Today… we will be covering How to Get Fit in 2 Weeks… cardiovascular-wise. We’re going to take a no B.S. approach to teaching you how you can learn the skills of getting fit in 2 weeks… in the fastest and the most efficient way possible!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, a medical expert or a certified personal trainer… so be smart & seek the advice of a professional… before embarking on any of the exercises I list on here.

How to Get Fit with 12-15 Minutes of Cardio – in 2 Weeks

I believe cardio is a love/hate relationship for most people. You either LOVE it… or HATE it! And chances are… when you think of starting a cardio program… you probably think of ONE thing:

Running a loooooong distance. *yawn*

Frankly, I don’t know about you… but even though I was a highly talented high school sprinter back in my day… I absolutely HATE and detest running long distances!

Most people will tell you that a good cardio program involves you running 30 to 60 minutes… at least 3 times a week.

I don’t know about you, friend — but I have better things to do than to waste this much time doing boring activities… which don’t have a high impact on my getting trimmer!

But what is there was a better and a faster way to get your cardio workout in… than just running boring, long-distances?

What if I could teach you how to get fit in 2 weeks, lose weight, feel better and have defined muscles… with a NEW cardio program that you’ve probably never heard of before?

There is in fact a BETTER and a FASTER way to get your cardio workout in… than running long distances.

What if told you that you could get your cardio workout in… and it would only take you a total of 12-15 minutes to complete… and that workout would help you to get fitter in 2 weeks?

It’s a little cardio system that I learned back in the spring of 2009… called the Sprint 8 program.

Back then… I was a pretty fit guy, about 5’7″… and about 173 lbs. of almost pure muscle.

I went through a hernia surgery that year… and had also went through the stress of losing my beloved mother in the first couple months of ’09… and I had withered away to about 150 pounds.

I made a promise to myself that I would get back to my championship form… and it took me less than 6 weeks to do so! Check out the pic below of what I looked like 6 weeks after I started working out… after I had recovered from MAJOR surgery. I was able to gain muscle… while losing fat weight.

Daniel Wiafe after gaining back over 25 lbs of muscle... in less than 6 weeks after he started working out... after a major surgery!

Doing the Sprint 8 program was one of the MAJOR things which helped assist me into recovering my physical form… and helped me to get fit fast and quickly!

What the Sprint 8 does for you is NOT only does it burn fat and cause you to lose excess bad body weight… but it also promotes your muscles to getting stronger and harder and more defined!

If you want to learn how to get fit in 2 weeks… then the Sprint 8 is truly an EXCELLENT program for you!

The Sprint 8 Workout

Okay I’ll keep it short — just like this workout program is short! 😉

Here’s the steps to the workout program:

  • Find a track, a running trail, a field or a traffic-free street to run on.
  • Measure about 40-60 yards on it (you can do this by marking a starting line — then taking jogging about 50 steps and then marking the ending line)
  • Make sure you stretch your legs very well!
  • Do a warm-up jog of about 2-5 minutes.
  • Go to the starting line and sprint at about 60-80% of your capacity to the end… and then walk or jog/slowly back. Do this 2 times. This will be your warm-up sprints to ensure you don’t pull a hamstring or worse!
  • Now you’re ready to get down to business!
  • You’re back at the starting line. Now sprint from start to finish at 90-100% of your full capacity! Make sure you pump your arms hard… fully extending your legs while running. Keep your head and your back straight… and try to relax your body while sprinting.
  • Run straight through the finish line at full speed. Do this 8 times.
  • After each repetition… walk back or SLOWLY jog back to the start line.
  • Make sure you bring plenty of water with you.
  • If you feel dizzy or woozy at anytime… or if you feel your muscles start to strain… take a break.

This is by far — the BEST cardio program that I have ever encountered for getting fit in 2 weeks.

If you do this program — you will be on the fast track to shedding off those unwanted pounds… and you will learn how to get fit in 2 weeks!

FACT: This is a VERY intense workout program — and if you have heart problems then I would suggest that you don’t do this program.

Make sure you tune in tomorrow for part two of How to Get Fit in 2 Weeks. In tomorrow’s post, we will cover how to get stronger and more toned muscles… in 2 weeks.

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I hope you enjoyed today’s post on, How to Get Fit in 2 Weeks.

Have a GREAT weekend or week, be blessed by the BEST and remember that your health is the BIGGEST asset that God has blessed you with!

-Daniel Wiafe
Your Daily Motivation Coach

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