How to Get Fit in 2 Weeks – Part Three

Go ahead and give yourself a hand-clap of applause… because you have stuck it out to the end of this 3-part series on How to Get Fit in 2 Weeks… and today is the last installment in our series.

…and if you haven’t read the first two installments of our How to Get Fit in 2 Weeks series yet, then shame on you (lol)… you would do good to read them, before reading this post:

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Alright now that we have that out of the way… let me just give you a few words of motivation before we get started.

You can accomplish just about anything that you put your mind and your heart to in this world. And I know that those words may sound cliche… but I don’t care.

Nothing can defeat the man or the woman who has a goal in their mind… and works hard at attaining that goal… and FOCUSES on that goal… and make at least one step of progress towards that goal on a daily basis.

If you have God on your side… there is not a force on this world or out of it that can stop you — and you can trust in that!

Okay, let’s get back to getting you fit in 2 weeks! πŸ˜‰

There are 3 major components to a person getting fit in 2 weeks and having a lifetime of high fitness levels:

1. Cardiovascular (make your heart/lungs stronger, losing excess fat)
2. Strength Training (make your muscles stronger)
3. Flexibility (make your ligaments limber & healthier)

Today… we will talk about how to get flexible in your body… and how it helps you if it is your desire to get fit in 2 weeks.

It is vitally important for anyone and everybody to be flexible in their limbs (especially if we are heavily involved in sports, physical activity and as we age.)

Here are some of the best reasons we should seek to get flexible in our bodies if we want to get fit in 2 weeks:

  • Being flexible helps to prevent you from being injured.
  • Being flexible helps you to feel refreshed and energized in your body.
  • Being flexible helps your body to overcome feelings of fatigue.
  • Being flexible helps you to feel younger and vibrant.
  • Being flexible helps your love life (no explanation needed, hopefully!) πŸ˜‰

So if those aren’t reasons enough for you to drop everything you’re doing right now — and get your body more flexible using my methods below… then I don’t know what is.

So Daniel, how do I get more flexible?

Well I’m glad you asked! There are 2 main routines that I have used in the past and in the present. They include:

1. Stretching
2. Yoga

I typically do about 2, maybe 3 days of exercising each week. I’ll start off by going to the gym and doing one hour of strength training (lifting weights)… and then I’ll hit the track for about 15 minutes of extreme cardio.

Stretching is crucial for you to do… if you want to learn how to get fit in 2 weeks or less.

On those workout days… after I am done doing my weight lifting… and right before I hit the track, I will do a typical runner’s stretching routine. I will do the following:

1. Do a hurdler’s stretch (hamstring stretch) – Where one leg is stretched out… and one leg is crossed in. I will stretch for about 20 seconds each leg. This is your most crucial stretch… because your hamstrings are the muscles which are the most prone to tightness.

2. Butterfly stretch (groin stretch) – I put my feet together while sitting up… and grab my toes with both hands… and stretch my head down to my feet. I hold this for about 15-20 seconds.

3. Lunge stretch (groin & quadriceps) – I will stand up and do a lunge… with one leg in front of me… and the other leg trailing behind me. I will stretch forward and hold it for about 15-20 seconds each leg.

4. Quad Stretch (quadriceps) – This is where we see how much balance you have! What I do is I stand up on one leg… and take the other leg behind my back with my hand… and stretch it.

Your quadricep is the muscle that is in the front part of your leg.

5. Lower Back Stretch (lower back, duhhh!) – I will finish off my stretching routine by sitting back down… and putting one leg straight out… and crossing the other leg over that.

I will cross sideways and towards my back… by taking both arms to one side of me. I will stretch each side of my back for about 15 seconds.

After that… I’m ready to run!

Click here to read more about some good stretching routines with pictures.

On days that I don’t do any exercise… I will make it my aim to do yoga.

I love yoga because not only is it another way for you to get fit in 2 weeks… but it helps you to get super limber… as well as helping you to be calm and at peace in your body and mind throughout the day.

I am a big believer in crossing western and eastern arts together — especially in the areas of exercise, calmness, diet and meditation.

I will do about 20-25 minutes of yoga in the morning… and I use a DVD video by yoga expert, Rodney Yee.

I hope this helps you on your journey to getting fit in 2 weeks or less. And remember, a journey of a thousand miles… begins with one step.

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I hope you enjoyed today’s post on, How to Get Fit in 2 Weeks.

Have a GREAT weekend or week, be blessed by the BEST and remember that your health is the BIGGEST asset that God has blessed you with!

-Daniel Wiafe
Your Daily Motivation Coach