How to Go Far in Life

“The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore.” –Dale Carnegie, Author, lecturer, motivation expert

Do you want to go far places in life… and do you want to achieve things that you and your family and friends… could only have dreamed of?

If you answered that question, “YES!”… then you have to make sure that you are willing to start off by doing this one thing.

That one thing is this:


…well I guess that’s two things, lol.

But point being… is this. Many people in life take the passive route. But if one truly wants to learn how to go far in life… they must be willing to take chances and calculated risks… and excuse my language, a person must learn to grow some balls and go after what they truly want in life, even if it seems like it is too large of a task for them to accomplish!

Imagine yourself being stranded and deserted on a beach in the middle of the ocean. You were shipwrecked there… and you only have a limited amount of supplies, food and fresh water that will last you 2 or perhaps 3 more weeks… and a small canoe with a paddle.

You realize that your only chance for survival is to hop on that rickety canoe… leave that tiny, insignificant island… and paddle for your freaking life in order to reach the mainland.

Would you be scared to leave the shore? Heck yeah, you would because your leaving safety and your comfort zone!

Is it possible that you could capsize in the canoe while you’re in the middle of the ocean… or get sunburned in the hot, beating sun… or get eaten by sharks or stung by jellyfish on your journey? Yes, that is definitely a possibility…

…but WHAT IF you do reach the mainland? WHAT IF you do reach your destination? Because if you had stayed on the island… you would have died anyways!

WHAT IF you reach you go far in life… and reach your goals or accomplish great things?

At least by hopping out in that tiny boat — you took a calculated risk and gave yourself a GOOD chance for survival and a GOOD chance for reaching your goal!

So what is it in your life that you are willing to leave your “safety zone” for? Your husband? Wife? Children? Your ministry? Travel the world? A new business or venture?

Anything worth having in life… is worth you fighting for… and getting out of your safety and comfort zone.

If we want to know and learn how to go far in life — we must learn to dare and take calculated risks… and leave our comfort zones.

And guess what? You can do it and I BELIEVE IN YOU! You can go far in life and never let another soul tell you differently.

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Have a GREAT and an awesome day… and we will see you tomorrow.

-Daniel Wiafe
Daily Motivation Coach