How to Make a List of Positive Affirmations

“What is the story of your day going to look like? Whether today is bad or good is up to you… as you hold the pen and YOU are the author of what the outcome of your day will be!” (Daniel Wiafe, motivational blogger, speaker & coach)

Welcome back everybody! I hope you are having a prosperous and a blessed day today. Before we get into today’s post on ‘How to Make a List of Positive Affirmations‘… I would like you to do the following:

Very quickly take about TEN seconds right now… and just sit back, relax and shut off any noise that is around you.

In a moment… you will shut your eyes… and put the BIGGEST smile on your face… and then you will begin to thank God for all that He has blessed you with.

I don’t care if it’s a large blessing… or a small blessing… but begin to thank Him for ALL that He has done for you… and begin to feel the warm, loving feelings of Him blessing you and your household.

Forget about any drama or any hurtful experiences that you have gone through this week… this moment that you are spending with your Creator is your moment to connect to your divine inspiration!

Please join me… and take at least 10, 30 or even 45 seconds and do this little task… and let me know how you felt afterwards in the comments area.

No onto today’s message… πŸ™‚

Yesterday, we talked about the 3 Reasons Why You Should Have a List of Positive Affirmations. If you missed it, you may click here to read it.

No matter who you are… or where you’ve been at in life… or what you’re seeking to do or accomplish… it is IMPERATIVE that you have a list of positive affirmations to help you get through your day.

You will read your positive affirmation list in the morning when you wake up… in the middle of the day around the lunch hour… and in the evening before you go to bed.

If you ever begin to feel negative, depressed or overwhelmed at any point in the day… you will take out your list of positive affirmations and read it.

Your whole point is to slowly, but surely overhaul your mind from being swamped by the negative… and push it into one that is positive, happy and energized.

Because the fact of the matter is this: If you’re positive, you’re happy. If you’re happy, you’re healthier. If you’re healthier, you will generally live your best life ever.

Your list of positive affirmations can be a list of goals that you want to achieve… it can be positive Scriptures that inspire you… it can be motivational quotes that encourage you… it will be anything that will get you in a POSITIVE mindset.

Typically, the majority of your positive affirmations will lie in the realm of health, wealth or relationships… as these are the 3 biggest areas of life that we all get the most satisfaction in… as well as struggle in!

You should put your list of positive affirmations in a place that you will have easy access to… multiple times in a day. (I put mine on my phone)

You can put your list of positive affirmations anywhere that’s best for you though… on a notepad, on your computer, in a notebook, on a journal, spray paint it in large letters on a wall on the side of your house… πŸ˜‰

Alright, enough talk! Here goes… 5 Steps on How to Make a List of Positive Affirmations:

1. It Should Be Personal to You

Your list of positive affirmations should be personal and real to you.

If you’re not the type of person who has any desire to make any more money… then don’t put that down, just because everybody else would do that.

If it’s something that you can relate to… and that affirmation will make you feel happy and positive… then put it down.

2. It Should Make You Feel Happy & Excited

Your list of positive affirmations should make you feel happy and excited when you read it!

Don’t put down boring affirmations… that defeats the purpose!

Put down things that will EXCITE you… and give you a spark whenever you read it. Go crazy with it. πŸ™‚

You should write your positive affirmations in a way… that will again, make you feel the feelings of excitement and energy.

For example, take these 2 affirmations below:

a. I want to find a boyfriend/girlfriend.
b. Thank you God for sending me a man/woman into my life who is the BEST fit for me… who is my BEST friend… and who is the love of my life!

Which one of the above affirmations gives you feelings of excitement?

3. You Should Be Able to Read it in 90 Seconds or Less

One of the mistakes that I made when I first started making my list of positive affirmations… was that I made them too darn long! (I think I originally had about 50 or 60 affirmations)

The issue with this was since I wanted to read it at least 3 times a day… it would be a major chore and difficult for me to do it… because it took me like 10 minutes to read it, LOL!

You definitely don’t want reading your affirmations to become difficult and hard… because that defeats the purpose of the whole thing (to make you feel positive)

So what I did was shorten it to 15 positive affirmations… and I can generally get it read in 90 seconds if I’m going through it fast. If I take my time, it takes me about 2 minutes.

4. It Should Be Positive

Write out your list of positive affirmations in a positive tone. Meaning for example…

a. I want to quit my job because I HATE it so much!
b. I have my own business that gives me $10,000 a month and a total freedom of my time!

Which one of these sounds more positive to you?

The goal my friend, again, is to make you feel positive. Write EVERYTHING in a positive manner and a mindset.

5. It Should Be Written in the Present Tense

The Bible tells us to, “…speak those things that be not as though they are.” (Romans 4:17)

Meaning, even if we currently don’t have something… speak and act as though we already HAVE that thing right now… even though we don’t presently have it!

So instead of you saying:

“I want to lose 30 pounds.”

You will instead say…

“I AM 30 pounds lighter and I feel healthy and sexy!”

This programs your mind into thinking you already have the thing that you want. When your mind is programmed to believe something… your body and whole life will follow suit.

Tomorrow… I will complete this series by giving you my personal list of positive affirmations… AND detailing the 3 Steps to Starting Your Day Out Right.

For today, however… I would like for you to go ahead and make a list of 10-15 positive affirmations right now… and begin to read them at least three times a day.

Do this for 3 weeks… and I guarantee you… your life will NEVER be the same!

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Have a GREAT day, be blessed by the BEST and remember think positively and believe that you can make it… and you will!

-Daniel Wiafe
Your Daily Motivation Coach