Life is to be Lived Fully!

“I believe life is to be lived, not worked, enjoyed, not agonized, loved, not hated.” –Leland Bartlett, speaker & minister

Good morning everybody it’s Daniel Wiafe back here again… and I am your motivational coach here to give you some words of inspiration… to help you kick-start this beautiful, new week that we are blessed to be in!

Today… make it a point to remember that your life is to be lived… and to be lived fully.

So many times… we can get so busy with the realities of life… and the work… and the drama… that we lose our imagination and we lose our focus in life on what truly matters.

If you truly think about it… why do we spend a large portion of our lives working at our jobs or in our businesses? For most — it is because we need money to support our life-styles and homes (which is a VERY valid reason to work).

But at the end of the day — in order for us to live this life fully… we have to go beyond just looking at work as something boring and grueling that we must do in life in order to survive.

Look at work as something which will help you finance what you truly want to do in life. Look at it as a means for you to escape to attain the freedom that you desire in having more time to spend with your family and friends.

Life is to be lived fully and to be loved and enjoyed!

While you are working your job… look for opportunities to build side-businesses, such as in internet marketing or real estate investing or other means… that will allow you to create a residual and passive stream of cash coming into your household and life.

And even while you are working hard at your job… whether you love it or hate it… learn to take time to pause and reflect on the beauty of life. Smell the flowers sometime. Live is meant by your Creator to be lived fully. Find time to live in the moment… and spend time with your family… and to enjoy nature.

Some may say that they don’t have any time to do any of these things — but I would beg to differ!

Instead of complaining, watching hours of T.V. at night, surfing the Internet during our lunch hour…. couldn’t we spend time with our family and the people who mean the most to us? Couldn’t we spend time building our business that is going to help us on our journey to financial freedom?

Life is to be lived fully my friend… and to be lived and enjoyed… and you are the captain of your own ship!

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Have a GREAT and an awesome day… and we will see you tomorrow.

-Daniel Wiafe
Daily Motivation Coach