Smile Your Way to Success!

“Smile, it’s not that bad!” –Daniel Wiafe, motivational speaker & blogger

In spite of my flaws and imperfections… smiling is something that I have done naturally all my life.

And it has helped me to get the BEST out of life in my opinion.

When you smile, even when it’s a fake smile that you have to force yourself to wear on your face… it does many things for you:

  • Puts you in a good mood… this is good when you are stressed, vexed or angry
  • Helps your brain to release dopamines (happy hormones)… into your body
  • Helps to get you relaxed
  • Portrays yourself as a friendly, sociable person around other people. This is vitally important… because the more sociable or friendlier we appear to others — the more likelier we are to have them be our friends.

    Why is it important to have people like us? Well, people give promotions to people they like… they give favors to people they like… they agree to do things for the people they like… can you see where I am going with all of this?

All in all, smiling really can help lead you to GREAT success in life with people… and by relaxing you.

Here is one more tip for you to use — if you are feeling anxious or angry right now. I have used this with GREAT success:

  1. Sit back in a comfortable chair
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Put a BIG smile on your face & hold it
  4. Breath in & out SLOWLY for at least 10 counts
  5. Repeat the words, ‘I am the master of my thoughts & emotions’ to yourself.

Have a GREAT day everyone & a GREAT weekend ahead of you 🙂