The Power of Gratitude

“Have an attitude of gratitude and thank God for ALL He has blessed you with!” –Daniel Wiafe (motivational speaker & life coach)

Did you know that you have access to a form of power that is so enormous… that if you chose to release it, there is virtually nothing you couldn’t be, do or have?

…and it’s something which we all have access to and it comes to us for free. This form of power is a God-given gift, given to all men and women free and clear of any charge.

This form of power which I speak of is this: GRATITUDE

One of the best definitions of gratitude is, “The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”

When we instill within ourselves a constant and unrelenting attitude of gratefulness in every aspect of our lives… we are opening up for God to move supernaturally through our day and bless us above and beyond what we could imagine!

But most people tend to get caught up with the worries of life. Most people get caught up with the complications of life. Most of us, if I can be truthful get caught up with who we are angry at… or in fear of.

Having feelings of worry, fear, anxiety and all that mess is for the birds my friend!

Let go of those down and depressing feelings that leave you in misery… and switch to a BETTER way. Have an attitude of gratitude because there is POWER in that!

Be thankful for everything large and small. Thank God every morning for waking you up. Be thankful for your health. Be thankful for having a roof over your head. Be thankful for having enough food to eat. Be thankful for the clothes on your back. Be grateful for the family and friends that you have. Be thankful for the money that you do have RIGHT NOW (no matter how much it is).

There is A LOT of power that lies in you having an attitude of gratitude today, so why not walk in it right this second? 😉