What is TRUE Wealth?

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

Wealth is defined as having “an abundance of valuable resources or material possessions.”

But for many of us, when we think about wealth… we think solely about money. We think of the things that money can buy us… how money can set us free… how an abundance of money in our lives can allow us to live the lives that we can only dream of.

What do you think of when you think of wealth?

Do you fancy expensive cars… or a huge, lavish home in the countryside? Do diamonds and rubies and first-class airline trips to the Swiss alps dance across your mind and imagination?

…and when you think about it, part of wealth does in fact deal with how much money you have to save and invest… and it does deal with how much of an income you are able to generate from your business and/or job.

But I believe that TRUE wealth goes far beyond just having big numbers in your bank account.

Gandhi stated that, “It is health that is REAL wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

When I came across this quote… I can honestly say that it made me rethink what TRUE wealth is.

Because after all, if we don’t have our health… then what does a million dollars in the bank account matter?

If we are sick in the bed from cancers or degenerative disease… because we abused our bodies all of our lives from living a hard lifestyle… what does it matter having ten Porsches in our 2000 sq. foot garage?

How GREAT would it be to have a huge investment which generates us $50,000 a month in income… but would it be worth it if it came at the expense of having painful ulcers bursting in your bowels… because we are nervous wrecks?

I believe just like with everything in life… we must play a balancing game.

We must balance the FOUR important components of our lives (health, wealth, relationships and spirituality)… in order to live our optimal and the BEST life ever.

A few ways we can balance improving our health… and have TRUE WEALTH in our lives include:

1. Doing 10 minutes of peaceful meditation every morning. This will calm your mind, body and spirit.
2. Doing smile therapy, whenever we are stressed or angry. This will keep anger and worry from eating you up on the inside.
3. Lifting weights and running at least 2 to 3 times a week. This will keep the muscles in your body strong, as well as strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system.
4. Stretching our limbs in the morning. This will keep your joint and ligaments loose and supple, especially as you grow older.
5. Take our vitamins a day, especially B12, C and D. This will strenghten your immune system (Vitamin C)… and B12 will give you a natural boost of energy throughout the day.

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Be blessed and never stressed,

Daniel Wiafe
Motivation Coach