Why You Shouldn’t Wish for an Easy Life

“Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.” –John F. Kennedy

It is human nature to always seek the easiest and the most convenient way out of a bad situation.

But I believe that many of the trials, tribulations and adversities that come against us in life — are they’re for good reason.

The trials that come upon us… though they can be hard and grueling at times… are there to shape us and mold us and make us… into stronger, wiser and better men and women.

…and if you ask a typical person of the street, “Do you want to have an easy and a trouble-free life… I guarantee you 9 times out of 10, the person will say ‘Yes'”.

And then if you ask that very same person, “Do you want to be a stronger man or a  stronger woman”… again, that person is bound to respond back to you, “Yes!”

The only problem with that my friend is this: “You can’t have your cake and eat it too!”

My father used to always tell me that quote when I was younger… and for the life of me, I never really understood it back then… but as I grew older, it began to make more sense to me.

We can’t ALWAYS have the BEST of both worlds.

And my personal philosophy now is this: I don’t look for trouble… but if unavoidable trouble DOES come into my life… I will welcome it. I will use it as a learning tool on how I can become a better person.

I will use that trouble and not allow it to use me!

Yes, I will use trouble to make me a STRONGER person.

SO if you are encountering a hard situation or time in your life… and you want to get out of it… but it seems like things are out of your hands, look for the learning situation in it… and use it to make you a stronger person.

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Daniel Wiafe
Your Motivation Coach